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Testimony : Clayton Alexander from Dr. John C. Udouj, DMD on Vimeo.


Clayton Alexander : Video Testimony

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Dr. John and Team,

I wanted to share a story with you that happened after our final Veneer appointment.


I returned from work the Monday directly after that Friday’s appointment. About mid-way through the day, a collegue of mine (whom I had worked closely with for about 5 years) stopped me as I was returning to my office after lunch.


She asked “I noticed something different about about you since this morning, but I just can not place it-did you get a different haircut or have a new lensframe for your glasses?” “Nope”, I replied. “Just felt like smiling today.”


See, growing up with an “imperfect smile” made me very self-conscious about how I looked to others. And, even though I knew that friends and family would never make fun of me, I still felt as though I had something to hide and always tried to draw attention away from myself when in a “smiling” situation. In fact, it was one of my biggest hesitations of the procedure–wondering how will people react afterward. Having people draw attention to my smile, even though highly improved, was the last thing I wanted-this was the mental reaction I had. Despite how silly it sounds, I was so used to seeing myself in a “less than positive” light that I even saw positive attention as something to avoid.


That was about two years ago. Today, I still get the occasional comment. But the comment is not related to my image–people ask how I keep MY teeth so white. Did you catch that? I said MY teeth–they never question whether they are cosmetically enhanced or not, but just wonder how they are maintained so well. Again, Dr. John and team, thank you for not only “perfecting my smile”, but also for giving me a reason to smile, too.


- Randall

My mom was the only one who ever complained about my teeth.


I never thought they were that bad and the thought of wearing braces for two years was more than I was willing to go through. Dr. John recommended I try Invisalign. I went ahead and agreed to do it. The results were amazing. I never had to worry about food in my braces or anything else. I get compliments all the time on my teeth from people I don’t even know. My teeth were once crooked but now they are pretty much perfect. I’m very glad my mom talked me into doing Invisalgn. Thanks again!


- Micah