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Staff Attends IACA Meeting in San Francisco

Posted on: August 6, 2016


Dr. Udouj and his staff attended the 2009 IACA meeting in San Francisco, where they learned about the latest cutting-edge techniques and methods in neuromuscular and general dentistry.


In Photo: Dr. Udouj and his team are seated in the front row of an IACA lecture.


Below is an excerpt from the Fall 2009 edition of LVI Visions, a leading publication for dental professionals:


As in previous years the attendees came from across the world. Dentists and team members traveled from as far as Canada, Australia, and Russia to hear the variety of lecturers at the meeting. Speakers included Dr. Norman Thomas on the physiology of neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Jay Gerber on airway obstruction in pediatric orthodontics, Dr. Kent Smith on integrating sleep disordered breathing into a dental practice, Dr. Ron Jackson on outstanding direct resin artistry, and Dr. Dave Singh on Epigenetic Orthodontics.


Other subjects included a simplified implant technique, physician referral methods for the dentist, dental materials update, team techniques and protocols, practice management, and personal improvement. There were workshops on lasers, digital impressions, composite use, and neuromuscular techniques. The IACA has arranged for iPods to view most of the lectures that were presented at the meeting.


The IACA is proud to have had such high caliber speakers for the meeting. Interestingly, a renowned speaker who was attending his first IACA meeting told me that he was not only impressed with the highquality speakers, but also very impressed with the knowledge of the attendees themselves! The IACA meetings are known for the science however, it is no secret among those who have attended that there is a feeling of camaraderie and enthusiasm that they have not found at any other meeting. Some of the comments given about this meeting and the IACA were: “Great meeting is an understatement! There was material there that blew my mind!


IACA has moved from cutting-edge to OFF THE SCALE.” Mike Bingham DDS, Salt Lake City, Utah. “Hard to pick out a highlight as there were so many!” Dr. Brett Taylor, Sydney, Australia. “Terrific meeting, as have been all the other IACA meetings. Great variety of speakers, something for everyone. Great seeing old friends.” John Highsmith, DDS, Clyde, North Carolina. Jerry Strauss DMD, Fairfield, New Jersey said, “All other meetings seem to fade into history with little memory of them quickly.


Every IACA is a true event that keeps on giving due to the camaraderie, the courses, and the energy level. I’m looking forward to going home next year to Boston for another experience.” Dr. Patrick Im, Dalton, Georgia, enthusiastically said, “What a realization to come back to work empowered, enriched, enlightened, and energized to strive even higher after attending the IACA!”