News Entries from Dr. John C. Udouj

Staff Attends L.V.I. Seminar

Posted on: August 6, 2016


Dr. John Udouj, along with office team members recently hosted a two-day, onsite training seminar led by L.V.I. consultant and a faculty member, Ashley Johnson.


Mr. Johnson travels the world introducing innovative and cutting edge information regarding TMJ and Occlusal disease (bite issues).


L.V.I. – the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies – is one of the most prestigious post graduate dental training facilities. Dr. Udouj is 1 of just over 700 dentists worldwide that has successfully completed the Institute’s Core 1-Core 7 curriculum.


This in-office seminar entailed an in-depth focus on identifying TMJ and bite related problems in what would seem to be a normal, healthy mouth. The entire team learned to recognize the signs and symptoms of bite disease and how this is addressed Neuromuscularly by establishing a proper bite. Mr. Johnson conducts scheduled sessions at Dr. Udouj’s office three to four times per year to instruct the team members on the latest knowledge being taught at L.V.I.


Dr. Udouj and team will be attending the IACA (International Assoc. of Comprehensive Aesthetics) conference to further their advancement in this select field of dentistry in San Francisco, CA where Mr. Johnson will be a key note speaker. IACA is the premier place for professionals to enhance their skills and education in the latest techniques in aesthetic dentistry.